Communication is one of the best ways to prevent accidents. This is why Alright Concrete Company offers safety programs that are updated to stay current with the changing markets. The safety of our employees is one of our management's largest concerns because our employees are our greatest asset.

Alright Concrete Company is committed to providing the highest degree of safety and risk free working environments to our employees, their co-workers, and the communities in which they are operating.

All employees attend a viable safety, health, and loss prevention program to make sure they are aware, both mentally and physically, of the potential hazards of their environment. We have 10-hour OSHA trained personnel and 30-hour OSHA trained foremen. We want to take every effort to consistently maintain a safe environment for our employees.

At Alright Concrete Company, we believe that achieving excellence in safety performance is an essential stride to achieve overall operational excellence. We know that achieving excellent safety performance is a significant factor to competing successfully in today’s marketplace.