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What is Waterproofing
Save Tons During Heavy Floods

Water damage is not something anyone asks for while building a house or living in one. A wet basement is unlivable and potentially a harmful environment. Moisture vapor in today’s energy efficient homes can cause mold and mildew growth. Fortunately, there‘s the process of waterproofing, which provides superior moisture protection when properly applied. It helps you take precautions before the weather gets bad, or a leak breaks out. This will help make your house secured and tightly sealed.

Alright Concrete Company offers our own Damproofing and waterproofing products for basements and concrete walls. Alright also uses Delta and Sure Dry Products to form the best results for our customers. Solid concrete walls are impervious to water penetration; they will absorb water unless properly waterproofed. With crews that are highly trained and experienced, we can handle all of your concrete needs. Water can enter in a basement through various places including joints, walls, or floors. Water proofing relies on one or more layers of membrane that act as a barrier between water and the building structure. This protects contents underneath or within as well as protecting structural integrity.

Wet is only fun in the pool

Delta-MS is a highly recommended system that allows homeowners to keep a secure environment in their house. Not only does it protect your basement, it eliminates water damage, mold, and mildew. The Delta-MS is a dimpled plastic membrane used to protect and maintain your most precious assets. It eliminates wet basement leaking and flooded basement problems. The Delta-MS bridges all cracks and defects within your foundation wall; by using the air-gap technology of the product you are able to achieve two layers of protection. The first sheet (which is made up of a green material-60% recycled high density polyethylene), and the second layer of defense is the air space .It’s produced with only hydrogen and carbon where a low emissions is required. This non- toxic product has zero volatile compounds. It’s made from high quality recycled and re manufactured ingredients. It is fully recyclable and has a low impact on environmental resources.

How it Works

When applying the Delta MS, this will eliminate the chances of getting water damage to the wall. This thick membrane gets rolled across then concrete allowing it to block any water coming through. The waterproofing membrane stops the water flow, allowing it to flow down the dimples on the foundation wall. When doing this, the water gets pushed down through the backside of the material gravity, that will cause the water to flow downwards and be redirected to the drain tile.